20.05.18 – Erster DOKOMI Tag war überwältigend

Yesterday was such an incredible #Dokomi day in Düsseldorf! I cannot describe how happy I am that I met so many awesome new cosplayers and friends. Even the performance on stage for the opening of the Dokomi had flashed me! Over 30 People were dancing my Dokomi Cover on stage with me and I was so overwhelmed! Even awesome dancers of The Netherlands and Japan?  Thank You so much for this awesome experience! Thank You also to Ishida who has organized It But could Not be ther🙁
Moreover the evening Ball with @juliakoep @sayuri.rocks and Laura were so breathtaking! You all Rock the stages immediately! ♥️🧡😍 and to You all! Thank You so much for all your feedback to me! So many People came to me to say Hello and made compliments! I feel so happy! I have so much to say But I have to prepare myself to Super Sailor Moon Right now! In the Name of the Moon: have a nice Dokomi Sunday!

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