This is the expression of losing your voice during your life Performance… 🙁

It was a horrible experience for me and now I know, it must have been the beginning of my first covid after three years. On wednesday, we made our soundcheck on Gamescom and everything was fine. I made covid tests everyday and I felt healthy.

Saturday morning, I woke up and recocnized that my voice is feeling a little bit tired and different. I just thought: everything is okay but after @myugakuofficial and me started our performance in the afternoon, my voice often broke up and I could not control it as I know it from small flus.

I was feeling so sad on stage that I could not perform as strong as I can usually do. But I was so happy that @yuuliciakeys @momogeta and @juliakoep just were there – they were so incredible awesome!

At night I was feeling cold and hot in different times and I made another test in the morning. Result: positive.I really don’t like the fact that Corona is so unpredictable and you don’t know what will happen next. -.- Nevertheless, I had two amazing days on Gamescom, I met amazing people and now I hope everyone is feeling fine and healthy. Please take care of yourself!

And although I had my worst stage performance, due to my lost voice (thanks to Covid), I was glad to meet some of my friends and my cute community!

Thank you so much for your amazing Support! I had so much fun with @myugakuofficial on Gamescom – I really love these beautiful and lovely Girls. It is always an honor to be together with them. I want it that way was my Highlight! And a very big heart to the JUBEL Boygroup! you are so cute! @mugen2go @roomyrando Brudi.

Moreover, I spent three wonderful days with @sadrek_twitch and @efv.hainwald at my new home and on the Gamescom! It was so much fun playing some games with them! Sadrek could be my brother and Hainwald the brother of Tobi.

On Saturday, I listened to the concert of @eveleanah – she was so adorable and funny on stage. You should check her tour dates for sure!One Hashtag of the JUBEL Boygroup: #ihrseidsaleia

Thank you all so much for these two amazing days on Gamescom.

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