Today was such a beautiful family trip and one of our wishes came true to meet a seal closely. We love seals very much and we never knew that you can do such amazing memories @zeehondencentrum in Pieterburen.

In 2022 we donated some money for the seals „Babbel“ and „Willy Wonka“. The goal of 2023 was to adopt a seal into our family and give her a name. After our crazy „Don‘t laugh challenge“ live on Twitchstream for 2023 we GOT THIS! I cannot thank you enough, that you wanted to rescue a cute seal with us! You are amazing light sunflowers and this is the reason we all decided to call our new family member„Himawari“.

Today was the day! We met Himawari and spent some time with her. It was such an incredible team at the centrum, we felt very welcome and happy. I will soon publish a video on YouTube and explain in detail about our adventure.

Stay tuned!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! We did something good, today and it is such a great feeling to see it as well!

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